Diet - From Hope and Motivation to the Worst Enemy

diet or non diet


The primary goal of each diet is seemingly positive. Everyone who goes on a diet does so to feel better in every sense in the long run. The number of kilograms in itself does not mean anything, but each of us attaches certain importance to it, and that's why what it represents for us is important, as well as everything we do to achieve it.

That's why I believe it's important to realistically look at what exactly happens in the process of dieting, before, during, and after it - so that you don't let your initial enthusiasm obscure your perception and you don't see what will happen in the end.

In the first phase, there is usually hope, enthusiasm, motivation is at a high level because you suddenly see potential salvation. I'm not exaggerating when I say salvation, because some people really perceive the diet as such and are so discouraged by the current situation that they see it as the only way out.

During that period, everything seems easy and simple, even the fact that you were hungry the entire day is not particularly hard for you.

After all, you have a goal ahead of you and no hunger can come in between. You persist, you do not give up, you do not give in to temptations.

However… When the second phase comes, it is as if everything starts to wane.

Suddenly the primary goal is no longer so tempting, eating all the sweets you gave up during the first phase is so much more tempting. You no longer care about the number of kilograms, or what they mean to you.

Simply, you are so discouraged and demotivated that you don’t care about the diet and everything that goes with it.

In the next phase, there is usually a review of what happened, but also a great sense of guilt and remorse.

The kilograms returned, sometimes even in a higher number than was the case at the beginning, and you feel far worse.

There is less and less hope that anything will solve the problem, and you place blame on yourself.

On your own irresponsibility, lack of discipline, inconsistency.

Not to mention all the insults you may hurl at yourself.

And so the primary goal of improvement turns into deterioration.

Not only on the scales but also in terms of your relationships with yourself and food.

In no time, the diet has turned food into your biggest enemy, and here are a few explanations for how that can take place.




Every time you crave a sweet treat or greasy fast food, the thought that it is forbidden will pass through your head. This wouldn’t be so bad if it ended with that, but the problem is that such a vicious cycle continues and brings with it certain emotions that only cause harm in the long run.




Although you may once have known how to listen to your body and its needs, after thinking that "diet knows better" and applying this principle for some time, it will be so much harder for you to get back in tune with your own feelings.




If you are overweight, it means that you do not deserve to eat in the same way as any other person, you are ashamed of yourself and others when you do so and you wonder how you even dare to eat dessert.

Of course, obesity requires treatment and paying attention to what you eat, but that absolutely does not include a feeling of shame because you ate something unplanned and perceiving any food as "a no-no for the overweight people".




In conversations with clients, I noticed that the majority of them had the so-called last meal before going on a diet, which was an introduction into the new diet, i.e. the end of the previous chapter in which the diet was not followed. They would buy everything they felt like eating and ate until they felt sick.

"Just one more day, I’ll go on a diet tomorrow." I believe you can already see where this is going and how wrong the idea of ​​the "last meal" is, which makes it feel like it's really the last chance to eat something you love.




Although little is said about this when it comes to diet, it is a very important factor. If your diet affects when, how much, and with whom you will spend your time, you really need to start wondering whether something is not right.

And you certainly should not avoid social events because there will be food there, neither should you pick on your salad all evening while others enjoy the food. This is not, and it never will be, a part of a healthy lifestyle.




Suddenly you see yourself as someone who lacks character, who is undisciplined, careless, and lazy. And all that has an impact on your entire life and decisions more important than what you decided to have for dinner.




The last, but also the most serious potential consequence of the diet are eating disorders that require thorough and long-term treatment.

I am sure that you are already aware of the harmful effects of dieting, but I must remind you that despite the primary enthusiasm from the first phase, you should not forget what inevitably happens at some point - the negative consequences. 😊


Until next time,

Nada 😊