Need a quick daily meal plan idea? 🤗



Breakfast: Crepes fruits & yogurt

Mix all ingredients and cook in a pan, medium heat, one tsp oil, or better without.


Lunch: Chicken salad

If you like you may marinate chicken with a little bit of mustard and add spices. Cook it in the pan, ideally without any oil. Add water if it needs. By the end of cooking meat add broccoli and leave it a couple of minutes more.
Cut cucumber, tomato, and lettuce.
Grate garlic, mix with oil, honey, and vinegar and that is dressing for the salad.




Snack: Banana

Rich in: Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C...

Dinner: Greek-style pasta

Cook pasta. Use instructions on the package. 
Cut vegetables and mix with cooked pasta, add cheese, seeds, and top with olive oil and lemon juice.