14 Days Challenge

CHF 36


Raise your hand if you’ve ever promised yourself that your “new you” will see the light of day, but achieved nothing because the solutions you’ve tried are way too unpleasant. Well, hold on to that promise, because we’re about to turn things around for you!


NadaFitt’s 14 Days Challenge will make you see glow-ups from a unique perspective. One where you will see yourself achieving your dream lifestyle while experiencing a ton of self-care! With evidence and science-based meal plans from a certified nutritionist, your “new you” will be at arm's reach within two weeks.


What makes it unique?


  • Kickstart your journey to becoming the “new you”! 14 consecutive days are all you need to build a good habit. We’ve laid out everything you need from Day 1 to Day 14 so you can kick-start your way to a life you’ve only dreamt of for the longest time now.
  • Allows you room for modifications! Adjust your plan according to your body and preference. As you gain scientific insights on how each ingredient affects your overall wellness, you’ll have the power to understand what’s best for you and personalize your journey.
  • Access the plan with a tap of a finger! Have your meal plan ready in a single tap of your phone or tablet. We’ve prepared it for someone like you who spends most of their time creating the life they want to see.
  • Eat scrumptious meals without the guilt! Build the habit of making your own delicious meals from scratch using ingredients that are beneficial for your mind and body. Discover that eating tasty food does not always mean unhealthy, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.
  • Make yourself love the journey! We’re here to allow you to train your mind to love the entire process of transforming yourself. By taking a mindfulness approach, you will be on your way to achieve your dream lifestyle and love the process to where you’ll want to continue even after you’re done.


Start your journey to building the body and the life you want by incorporating a meal plan that suits your needs and preference. See yourself create exceptionally delicious meals that are beneficial for you and start the challenge today!

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