The Non-Diet Approach To A Thriving Body And Mind

A Kind And Self-Loving Way To Live A Healthy Life


Gentle Nutrition

NadaFitt is a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and mindfulness platform established by Nada Vogt - nutritionist, sharing her knowledge and expertise in her innovative exercise and dietary plans. Launched with the mission to help people escape the unhealthy, body-harming diet culture, calorie counting, and constant weight watching, NadaFitt is empowering its clients to attain their body goals while being kind and gentle to their bodies and minds.


The Body Love Guides

NadaFitt creates evidence and science-based healthy meal plans, gentle exercise regimes, and mindfulness techniques that help people achieve their desired objectives. Whether it's slimming your waist, increasing energy or body strength, improving sleep and vitality, or developing an overall healthy lifestyle, you will find the perfect guide, eBook, or fitness and nutrition plan for you. Subscribe And Download A Free eBook - Begginer Guide and Get a science-based nutrition plan with one week worth of healthy and delicious recipes for a fitter body and a clearer mind.


A Simple Way To Healthy Living

Nutritious Recipes

Learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious recipes and make them your go-to meals throughout the week. Get in the habit of cooking food from scratch, find out which products and ingredients to choose, and create a harmony of different food groups on your plate.


Science-Based Advice

Gain scientific insights into your diet and workout regimes. Learn how calorie deficit aids in weight loss and how to achieve it in a healthy, sustainable way, discover the nutritional properties of different products, and acquire the necessary knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle day in and day out.


Mindfulness Approach

Embark on the journey to self-love, learn self-care techniques and develop a mindset that sees the body as one perfect instrument. Take the holistic approach to your lifestyle and train your body and mind simultaneously to achieve a happy and healthy you.


Authentic Guidance And Genuine Advice

NadaFitt is here to help you achieve your goals through simple approaches and techniques that are easy to implement. Whether you're looking for a healthy meal plan using simple ingredients, a workout regime that doesn't require professional training, or mindfulness techniques that fit into a modern lifestyle, join thousands of NadaFitt's satisfied customers and pick the right healthy lifestyle guide for you.