Spring Meal Plan

CHF 25

SPRING MEAL PLAN is finally ready for you.

You can easily start and apply this meal plan. and You will understand your improvement every day.

Why a Spring Meal Plan?

  • There are no strict rules
  • No prohibited foods
  • No starvation
  • There is no set time you have to eat, it is completely a matter of choice
  • The groceries used are affordable and can be found in every market
  • The way of preparing a meal is quick and simple, it does not require special skills
  • Recipes are such that you can easily adapt them to yourself and your taste

What is special about this plan is that you can use it in a way that suits you, you can combine recipes in accordance with what you are currently eating and lose weight with it all.


  1. 4-week meal plan with complete recipes
  2. Lose excessive weight and do not be hungry
  3. Learn how to eat without avoiding whole food groups
  4. Enjoy any food you like and which makes you satisfied

You can make combinations according to your own taste, as long as you are within the recommended calorie range.

This means you can eat something you like too, even though it’s not part of the plan because there is no ban! 



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